Friday, June 12, 2015

Pictures & Description of the House

The house is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with a nice yard. According to the real estate flyer I have from the time I purchased the home, it has approximately 1364 square feet. The rooms on the main floor include the living room, which is 16 x 11; dining room, 11 x 11; kitchen, 19 x 13; and guest bedroom, 8 x 11. The upper level contains two bedrooms: 12 x 12 and 11 x 13, as well as a bathroom that is 6 x 7. All measurements are approximate. Most of the rooms have carpeting, except for the living room and the bathroom. The bathroom needs new vinyl flooring since it is getting old.

The bathroom has a shower and tub and is a full bathroom. In November, 2011, all new plumbing pipes were put in, as well as a new hot water heater. There is a dishwasher in the kitchen, but it is not hooked up to the plumbing. The kitchen also has a center island that contains the stove. All the bedrooms have very good closet space. The basement is block and partial crawl space and contains the oil furnace, hot water heater, sump pump and sink. There is an inside tank for the oil furnace in the basement; there is also an oil tank in the back yard that isn't hooked up to the furnace. The indoor tank was set up for use with the furnace in October, 2014.

There is room for expansion. The basement is block and partial crawlspace. If I were to stay, I would enclose it, and it would be somewhat like one of those tri-level homes. As soon as you enter the front door, you can turn left and go down a few steps to the basement, or if you go straight ahead, you go up a few steps into the kitchen. There is an attic, but we haven't been up there - merely to peek, and it looks like it could be made into another bedroom.

There is a 1 and a half car garage on the property. The garage door needs repair. There is also a deck off the sliding glass doors in the eat-in kitchen area, and there is a storage shed in the yard. The yard is approximately 125 x 100 feet, and is pretty large for this city. The yard contains many mature trees that shade the house in the summer time, keeping it cooler. One of the trees in the front yard has leaves that turn beautiful colors, even red, in the autumn. It's quite beautiful! There is also a big raspberry patch behind the garage. I'm also making compost beds in the side yard inside cardboard boxes. The boxes will be removed in the autumn, allowing the compost to do its thing over the winter, to be ready for the next spring planting. The reason the compost is in the cardboard boxes is to prevent everything from blowing around.

The neighborhood is relatively quiet, despite a park being across the street. The playground equipment is on the other side of the block, so the children aren't running around near the house. The park is lit up for the holiday season and is very pretty to look at. The big 4th of July fireworks the city puts on can be seen from the living room window, so you can watch without having to be in the crowd or deal with the bugs.

If you aren't from the area, here are some handy links to tell you more: City of Eveleth, The Iron Range, and a video of Eveleth. It really is a beautiful area, surrounded by forests.

Make sure to check out google or bing maps and see the street view for a view of all around the house and the neighborhood.

Click on each photo to enlarge it.

Built in cabinet in dining room.

Ceiling fan in dining room.

Downstairs guest bedroom.

Eat-in area of the kitchen.

Large cabinet in kitchen area.

Plenty of cabinets and counter space in kitchen.

View of neighbor's beautiful yard outside the kitchen window.

Stairway to upstairs in the living room. Little door to the side is storage area under the stairs.

Living room.

One of the trees in the front yard, taken from the upstairs in the autumn.

Bedroom upstairs. It has pretty floral wallpaper on the walls.

The other bedroom upstairs.

Ample closet and storage space. The curtained area to the left is a closet about the size of a telephone booth. There are shelves behind the bedroom door to the right.

Front yard has mature trees that give awesome shade in the summer. The house has siding.

View of the back of the house. In the yard are some boxes where I'm building some compost garden beds. To the left is the storage shed. The blue building is the neighbor's garage. You can see the trees and the park in the background.